Expand your referral network by becoming an American Express Small Business Saturday Champion

Once in a while an opportunity comes along that is simply to hard to pass up. We think this is one of those opportunities.

Small Business Saturday is on November 30th 2019
Applications open on Oct 7th – unconfirmed

At the bottom this article you can download a free workbook to help you make Small Business a success for your home care agency

American Express is behind SBS and they have a program where you can be a community leader. In other words you can partner with them for free.

Let me say that again….

You can partner with Amex for free and they’ll help you do it.

How does this help home care agencies?

Imagine all of your hard work to develop your referral partners. Now you have an incredible reason to reach out to potential referral partners.

Hi, I’m Janet, I’m calling to invite you to participate in Amex’s small business Saturday. We are planning a senior centric event that you can participate in for free


Him I’m Janet, I’m calling to get business from you. Ok, that’s an exaggeration, you would never do that, but you get the point. It’s an easy introduction by having Amex and Small Business Saturday brand names in your pitch.

Yes you can end up with dozens of new referral partner relationships

What you’ll need to do

SBS doesn’t mandate a specific format so you have lots of freedom on how you can structure it. Basically, you plan an event that will cater to seniors. Then invite potential referral partners to participate.

Amex suggests

  1. Kickoff Breakfasts
  2. Welcome Station
  3. Food Festival

What kind of program can home care agencies organize?

Here is our suggestion. The goal is to get as many seniors into one place so they are exposed to your agency and the partners your recruit.

You’ll want to recruit other businesses that service seniors (and could be referral partners later). It doesn’t have to be ONLY senior related businesses. You’ll probably want a restaurant in the mix too.

The general focus of SBS is to encourage consumers to shop local. That often means getting shoppers to walk around local stores, eat at local restaurants, etc. Seniors may be ready to spend the day walking around so we’d encourage a more stationary event. That’s not to say it needs to be boring. On the contrary, make it exciting and down right fun.

Senior Center Day

Remember to wrap the entire event is the “Shop small” theme. I bet lots of seniors that have lived in the area for a long time will remember and even prefer the old local establishments.

  1. Location: It would be great to have a location where activities are centralized. A local senior center that would host the day.
  2. Food: A local restaurant or two that will supply food. It can be as simple as bagels and coffee
  3. Activities:
    1. Dancing: find a dance instructor
    2. Beauty: find a beauty salon or nail salon that will do nails
    3. Games: Bingo or other games seniors like
  4. Learn: This is where your partners get to shine
    1. Reverse Mortgage Broker: Can present info on funding later years via reverse mortgages
    2. Elder Law: Can present info on how to settle papers such as wills
    3. Assisted living: Can present info on the benefits of assisted living
    4. Home Care: This is your turn to make your presentation on how seniors can remain at home

Amex Contact Info

Call our Shop Small® servicing center at 1-833-213-0506. We are available from 9am to 6pm ET, Monday through Friday. You can also email us at ShopSmallHelp@aexp.com

Get started with our free program workbook

We put together a free workbook that will guide you through the process. It includes a timeline and tasks you need to complete. Good luck!