How to choose a great web design agency


You’re an expert in your industry. As such, you know what you’re selling, and you have some idea of how you need to present it to your potential customers. No one knows your business better than you do. If a web design company won’t listen to your ideas, then you probably don’t want to work with them. Your designer needs to be able to put your ideas into action, not create their own pet project. 

The secret to choosing wisely is to understand exactly what you need rather than attempting to sort & filter all the choices on offer.

Like any other large purchase… a house, car, appliance, etc – ditch the idea of a “best” – and instead, write out your exact needs, requirements, and goals. The best option for you will usually self-select itself.

In other words, choose a website designer through elimination based your goals rather than searching out the one right fit.

Here are some steps you can take to ensure you get the right fit.

Ask if they design with a CMS in mind

You need a content management system for your website. Without it, you’ll be calling a developer every other day with another request to update your site. Any web design agency worth anything at all is familiar with the best content management systems (WordPress, Drupal, Magento). If your designer recommends a static HTML website, then you need to find a time machine so you can get back to this decade.

2. Search and Review Nationwide & Local Web Design Agency Partners

Now that you have your list ready, start searching for potential web design agency partners. Search for agencies in your local area and nationwide, especially if you want a partner that is experienced in a certain industry like dentallegal, or ecommerce.

Technology has made it easier to collaborate and communicate with apps like Slack and Skype, email, video chats, and PM tools. Even if you end up choosing a web design agency near you, it’s worth seeing what is out there so you can assess experience, portfolios, services offered, and agency culture.

Consider the web agencies location

While this is not entirely required, some prefer to work with an agency in their area. This approach does offer some benefits. For one, they’ll know the local market (helpful for link building opportunities) and potential partnerships. A great example of a local web design agency is Awesome Web Designs, they are based in Toronto.

Review their portfolio- it can be fun too!

When it comes to choosing a web designer, functionality is just as important as style. Don’t rely on just the screenshots of websites: visit the live website and interact with their designs. You will get a much better understanding of what the designer can do for you.

1. What is the inclusive cost of the project?

There are usually two types of contracts, hourly and project based. As a small businesses you probably don’t have a huge budget, or one that can absorb hidden costs and fees, so you want to find a company that has project based pricing.

You’ll want to make sure you get a final cost for the project prior to signing the agreement so you’re not hit with additional costs.

2. How long will it take?

There are always unforeseen obstacles that will delay a project’s completion – this is normal and should be planned for.

Make sure you get an estimated timeline from your web design company, and monitor it throughout the project to make sure your design stays on track.


We hope that helps you make a great choice.