Why we built the Home Care Boost Website Builder

  1. Having worked on marketing dozens of home care agency websites, one thing became clear.
  2. They are RARELY built correctly when thinking about search engine optimization (SEO).
  3. If you aren't familiar with SEO that's ok. More on that later.

Because most home care agency websites do not make the phone ring!!

Why do you have a website? Why did you go through the effort of making one yourself or paying someone to make it for you? Isn't it because you want to get clients? Of course, it is. Now let's talk about how that is supposed to happen.

In this article you will learn

  1. How a website generates leads for your Home Care Agency.
  2. What a website needs to generate leads

Generate leads for your Home Care Agency

That means to bring people to your website from other sources.

How will people get to your website in the first place? From Google.

Google drives most of the traffic to home care agency websites.

The chart below shows traffic to one of the largest home care agencies in the US.

  1. Direct (people type the website directly into their browser) accounts for 29% of their traffic
  2. Referrals (traffic from other websites) is 4%
  3. Search engines are a WOPPING 64%
  4. Social media .1%

Let that sink in for a minute. Through other metrics, I can estimate that this home care agency received about 800,000 visits to their website from Google in a three-month time frame.

64% - which is an estimated 800,000 visits from Google to this home care agency website
In contrast - .1% from all social media. That's about 1,500 visits from social

Source: https://www.similarweb.com/website/griswoldhomecare.com#referrals

You may not agree - but I focus on Google as a primary source of leads.

If you don't agree that's ok. The rest of this article won't help you.

That means you need to get to the top of Google in order to get leads.

In particular, the top of Google Local Pack or Maps.

So how do you to the top of Google Maps?

Through search engine optimization (SEO)

Which is the practice of convincing Google that you deserve to be there. A big part of that is your website.

Which brings us to why we built the Home Care Boost Website Builder

If you plan to build your website yourself

Until HCB's website builder you had a few choices. Godaddy, Vista print website builder, Weebly, Wix, etc. Those sites are fine for many purposes. Wix, in particular, will produce a really beautiful website.

So what's the problem?

None of them provide Home Care Agencies with a website that is specifically optimized for home care.

Here is more information on why you should not use GoDaddy, Weebly, or Wix if you plan to build your own website.

1 year later and your website hasn't generated any phone calls.
You decide to hire an online marketing company.

You hire and SEO agency to market your website. They analyze it and say...

Sorry, we have to do a lot of work on your website.

Not surprising. It's not a scam. It is true. The average business owner isn't an SEO expert.

There are hundreds of Google optimization techniques that we've built into our websites.

The average business owner can't be expected to know. You're a home care expert, not an SEO wiz.

Home Care Boost websites are built from the ground up to our exact specifications. Completely optimized from day 1.

  1. Geographic Relevance - tells Google specifically what areas you serve
    1. Service business schema
    2. Areas served pages per town
    3. Map embeds
    4. Geographic signals spread throughout the website
    5. NAP consistency (name address phone number)
  2. Topic Relevance - tells Google that you are a home care agency
    1. Title Tags
    2. Keyword Density
    3. Meta Description
    4. Schema markup
    5. Page Architecture
    6. Site Maps
    7. Internal Linking

That's just a few.

Is Home Care Boost more expensive?

Dollar for dollar - yes a little more expensive. Consider this......

A website that doesn't make the phone ring has $0 value to your business. We think it is inexpensive compared to what you'd pay an SEO agency to optimize your website.

A website that does make the phone ring has infinite value.  $$$

Does Home Care Boost guarantee my website will make the phone ring?

No. we can't. Your website is approximately 50% of SEO. We've simply made it so that 50% is ready. And to be honest, SEO is on ongoing. So there may be things that still need to be done later to your website. Even still, you'll have a rock solid foundation for the future growth of your company.

Are you ready to grow your business?

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