Power Maps

Your Home Care Referral and Private Pay Marketing Toolkit

No Other Product Gives You What Power Maps Does

Power Maps Give Home Care Agency Owners Hundreds Of Potential Partner Contacts And A Customized Territory Map So You Can Have A Scalable Referral Marketing Strategy

Short Cut Your Entire Referral Partner Outreach Process


Save Weeks of time

We've done the research, found potential partners and their contact info for you


Target High Income Areas

The Power Map includes income data


We give you Hundreds of Potential Partners

The list you get will have hundreds of potential partners. We include potential partners in categories like assisted living, hospice, hospitals, trusted advisors to seniors, senior products and service vendors.


Enables Surround Sound Marketing

Surround sound marketing is an effective way to plan your attack. The idea is simple, focus your energy on one small area until you've created enough noise that the area is yours. Anytime Home Care is mentioned, your agency is top of mind. The pastor, doctor, discharge planner, podiatrist, reverse mortgage specialist, EVERYONE, talks to each other, and knows you. Once you've conquered one area, move to the next.

What's Included In Your Power Map?

Your Interactive Territory Map

A web-based interactive map where you can see partners and their position on the map specific to your territory.


  • Geographic Filters:

    Partners are categorized by geographic area so you can turn on/off specific towns.

  • Route Planning:

    Doing in-person visits? It's easier if you target a specific part of town which is easy with power maps.

  • Income data:

    so you can focus on areas where you have the greatest opportunity for private pay clients if that is your target.

  • Color Coded:

    For easy separation of partners, competitors and more.

Partner Outreach Spreadsheet

You get a downloadable spreadsheet which includes

hundreds of potential outreach partners.
We've done the heavy lifting of finding these partners so you can get to calling and contacting instead of gather data.

Spreadsheet Includes:

  • Business Name

  • Phone

  • Email Address

  • Website Address

  • LinkedIn Profile

  • (great for researching prospects before reaching out)

  • Facebook Messenger Link

  • (perfect way to reach out quickly and get higher response rates than email)

Power Maps Cost $349

Primary Targets

  • Assisted Living

  • Senior Centers

  • Hospitals

  • Rehabilitation hospitals

  • Wound Care Clinics

  • Skilled Nursing Facilities

  • Hospices

Secondary Targets

  • Elder Law

  • Funeral Home

  • Mobility equipment

  • Accessibility Ramp Providers

  • Bath tub Conversions

  • Junk Removal Services

  • Relocation Services

  • Reverse Mortgage

  • Mobile Phlebotomy

  • Mobile Manicures

  • Mobile Dentist

  • Physical Therapy

  • Senior Centers

  • Mobile Pet Grooming

  • Handicap Transportation

  • Churches

  • Senior Real Estate Agents (SRES)

Competitors or Partners

Some of you might consider other agencies competitors. Others see them as partners. Home Health Care can refer to non-medical and vice versa.

Either way, knowing who is out there, segmented by geographic areas is a smart thing to know. We give you colored coded pins on your map for each competitor.

Power Map FAQs

Suggestions and Limits:

We generally limit a Power Map to three towns. Say for example, Chicago, Oak Park and Le Grange. The more specific you are the better as you'll receive a manageable set of outreach partners. Take your best guess, we'll reach out to help you after the purchase if there are any questions.

After completing the purchase you will receive an email receipt.

In 24 hours we'll review your order to see if there are any questions which we will email to you. If everything is clear, we'll get started.

Delivery is within 7-10 business days.

What do I get?

You'll get two things:

An Excel file and a Google Sheets Link with all of your prospects. Typically between 150-300 contacts.

A link to a custom online map that you will always have access to. You'll need a free Google account.

Refunds: We do not offer refunds after delivery. We are however, happy to add a reasonable amount of changes to your map or list after delivery.

You're in good company

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